Website Manager

Board of Directors

Ryan Daube President [email protected]
Rory Levine Vice President, Webmaster [email protected]
James BeattyTreasurer[email protected]
Bill Robbins Secretary
[email protected]
Adam JacobsonDirector of Travel Baseball[email protected] 
Tony Reibel Director of Kickball/League of Games [email protected]
Mark Cobb Director of Baseball and Softball [email protected]
Mark CobbDirector of Travel Basketball [email protected]
Mark Cobb Director of House Basketball [email protected]
Veronica WoolsonDirector of House Basketball
[email protected]
Molly ShapiroDirector of Jr Patriots Field Hockey[email protected]
Jeff Ralston Director of Travel Soccer [email protected]
Jim BrownDirector of House Soccer
Michelle Brooks
Director of Poms and Cheer
[email protected]

Please feel free to contact our President if you have an interest in joining our Board of Directors for LSA.