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LSA Kickball League Rules





  • Games will be played on Friday nights at North Park Fields #1 and #2
  • There will be a championship tournament played on Memorial Day.  All teams will participate in the “Kickball Kup” which will determine the league champion.
  • Any games that are rained out will or canceled for any reason not be rescheduled due time and field constraints.



  • Each team should have a designated team captain/manager who is responsible for completing the kicking line up prior to each game.  League communication will work through the team captain/manager only.  Each team will also need to have a “team parent” who will be present at each game.
  • The league will provide kickballs for each game.
  • Games will be officiated by an umpire or umpires (plate ump and field ump).  The umpire governs all game play and issues all final rulings.  Umpires have the rights over game play and make call a time out, call off a game due to inclement weather or other cause at the umpires’ discretion. The umpire may also penalize a player, including game ejection for un-sportsman like conduct.
  • A regulation game shall consist of seven (7) innings or 45 minutes, whichever comes first.  If the time limit has elapsed and the inning in progress is completed with a score remaining tied, one final inning will be played.  If the game remains tied after that extra inning, the game will end and will be declared a tie.  NO new inning shall begin after the 45-minute mark.  Any inning underway prior to the 45- minute mark will be allowed to be completed.
  • Teams consist of up to twelve (12) players in the field.  A game can begin with as few as seven (7) players on a team.  Players being added after a game has started must kick at the end of the order.
  • In the field either gender can play any position.  A minimum of four (4) players must always be in the outfield and must remain on the outfield grass until the ball is pitched.  If a team has just 7 or 8 players available, it may play with three (3) players in the outfield and/or no catcher.
  • The kicking order must be delivered to the umpire prior to the start of the game and must be followed throughout the game.  Teams must kick the entire roster.  Male and female players may be positioned in any kicking order.  Captains must play.
  • If a team does not have enough players ready to start at the scheduled time they will be assessed a forfeit (10 minutes late will result in a forfeit).  If a team will not be able to attend a scheduled game, the captain is advised to contact the league supervisor and opposing team prior to game night.
  • SLAUGHTER RULE:  Games with a score differential of 10 or more runs after the 5th inning will be terminated.  Games will a score differential of 15 or more runs after the 4th inning will be terminated. Games will a score differential of 20 or more runs after 3 innings will be terminated.
  • League umpires are instructed to speak with team captains only. The umpire may eject players who choose to ignore this rule.  The umpire may forfeit the game if physically or verbally abused by any team member or spectator speaking in support of that particular team.  Team captain are responsible for the conduct of all their players and fans.  Players who get ejected from any game for any reason are automatically suspended from any further participation until a league umpire reinstates them.
  • Metal spikes or hard molded plastic or polyurethane spikes similar to metal sole and heel plates are not allowed.  Normal cleats or sneakers may be worn during the game.
  • All players must wear the supplied team uniform shirt.
  • Please report all injuries to the league representative or umpire on-site.  Basic first aid supplies are available.
  • Players not kicking or playing in the field MUST remain in the dugout.  After 1 warning per team the umpire may declare the kicker out (if the offending team is kicking) or my automatically award 2nd base (if the offending team is playing defense) to the current kicker.



  • The ball must be pitched from behind the pitching mound rubber.
  • No “bouncies” the ball must be rolled on the ground.  The umpire will call a dead ball for a “bouncie”
  • There is NO walking in kickball.  You can strike out (3 total strikes = an out).  The strike zone extends out one foot on either side of home plate. Once a player has three (3) strikes on them, in any manner, they are deemed out and the next batter in the order is up.
  • The kicker cannot cross home plate to kick the ball.  A foul ball/strike is called if this infraction occurs and the play is dead at that point.  The catcher must remain out of the way of the kicker until the ball is kicked and the kicker is on the way toward first base.
  • NO BUNTING - a kick perceived as a bunt by the umpire will be counted as a strike.  Arguing bunt calls will not be tolerated.
  • The pitcher, as well as all fielders, must remain behind the pitching mound- extended until the ball is kicked.
  • The catcher cannot cross home plate until after the ball is kicked.



  • NO leading off base. 
  • NO stealing.
  • One base is awarded on an overthrow that goes out-of-play.
  • Runners must stay within the baseline.  Runners hindered by another player who does not have the ball shall be safe at the next base.
  • Hitting a runner with the ball above the shoulders is not allowed.  Any runner hit above the shoulders is safe and advances one additional base, unless the runner intentionally uses their head to block the ball then the runner is out.
  • After a kicked ball is caught, the runner on base must first tag the original base before attempting to run to the next base (tagging up).
  • Base runners may NOT slide at any time.  Sliding will result in the base runner being declared out.
  • To prevent injury and protect the defensive player attempting to make a play on a base runner, the base runner must be called out if he/she remains on his/her feet, and deliberately, with force crashes into a defensive player holding the ball, waiting to apply a tag.  If the act is determined to be flagrant, the offender shall be ejected.  It is the responsibility of the base runner to avoid a collision. 
  • Play officially ends when the umpire call time or when the defensive pitcher has the ball.



  • A combination of 3 foul balls and/or strikes constitutes and out.
  • A FOUL is called:
  • On a kick landing in foul territory.
  • On a kick landing in fair territory but crossing into foul territory before reaching first or third base.
  • On a kickball kicked more than once in foul territory or stopped by the kicker in foul territory.
  • On any kick perceived as a bunt by the umpire.
  • When a kicker cross home plate to make contact (kick) with the ball.



  • 3 outs will end a half inning.
  • An out occurs when:
  • A kicker accumulates any combination of three (3) strikes.
  • A kicked ball is caught.
  • A runner is touched with a ball at any time when they are not on a base – a ball can be thrown at a runner to get them out while running to a base – as long as the runner is not hit above the shoulders with the ball.
  • A runner is forced out at a base.



  • League standing will be determined by the win-loss record at the end of the season.  Captains and/or umpires must report scores to the league commissioner
  • Tie breakers will be as follows:
  • Head to head competition.
  • Fewest runs allowed in head to head competition.
  • Fewest runs allowed for the entire season.



  • All teams will participate it the Kickball Kup Tournament.
  • The Kickball Kup Tournament will be a single elimination tournament and will determine a league champion.
  • The teams will be seeded by their win – loss record.
  • The Kickball Kup will be held on Memorial Day.



Revised April 2017