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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

As part of our partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance and to further these principles of sportsmanship, LSA requires all coaches and players to sign their agreement to abide by the Code of Conduct.

All coaches should print and sign the attached Code of Conduct form and return to their league Commissioner prior to the first game.  Click here for pdf...

All parents will be asked sign the Code of Conduct during the registration process. 

LSA also requires that all coaches attend at least one PCA workshop

Good Sportsmanship

Good sportsmanship should be demonstrated in all practices and games. In the event that a player or coach is demonstrating poor sportsmanship, he/she will be removed from the game and is subject to further discipline.

a)      Coaches are restricted to the bench area. They may not approach or enter the court at any time. A technical foul will be assessed for any violation of this rule.

b)      Spectators are restricted to the viewing area. Only coaches named on the roster may remain in the player area.

c)       Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their spectators. A technical foul will be assessed to the coach if his/her spectators violate this rule.

d)      Foul language will not be tolerated in any form by the coach, players, or spectators. Players who use inappropriate language will be assessed a technical foul & will be ejected from the game.

e)      Coaches who use inappropriate language will be assessed a technical foul & will be ejected from the game.

Technical Fouls

a)      Any coach who is assessed a technical foul during a game must meet with the program supervisor before he/she is allowed to coach in another game.

b)      Any player, coach or spectator who receives two technical fouls will be asked to leave the facility.

c)       Any coach who receives two technical fouls during the season will be removed as a coach.


LSA expects all its participants – Players, Coaches and Parents – to show respect to the game and all other participants at all times. This includes respecting the referees. As anyone who has done it can tell you, basketball is a fast game, and refs at all levels miss calls. It is part of the game, coaches, players and parents should expect it and don't get upset.

Any coach, player or parent who conducts themselves in a manner inconsistent with this principle of respect may be removed from the game, and will be required to meet with the Directors before being allowed to participate at another practice or game.