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2016 Fall Recreational and Travel Linesmen-

Hello Fall Soccer Referees!

The Fall Soccer Season is for both Travel and Recreational (house) soccer.  To work as a Travel Linesman (A/R) you must be a certified referee (grade 8 or below - THIS IS NOT SCHOOL GRADE 8, IT IS REFEREE GRADE 8).   Certified referees are more knowledgeable, confident and are paid at a higher rate.  If you are planning to be certified or re-certified,  please make sure you are taking a certification class before the beginning of the season.  For more information on certification, go to and choose the Clinics tab.

We will be having our FALL soccer meeting ON THURSDAY, AUGUST 25TH AT 7:30PM IN

- If you cannot attend, you must have a parent attend in your place.
- For Referees 16 and under, if I did not receive a NEW permit from you in the SPRING, you MUST get a new (click here to get the letter>) work permit completed by the school.   The process takes a couple of days, please begin the process immediately.  
- No matter if you refereed last fall or not, please complete the (click here to get the form>) contact information form.
- Please bring a COPY of your IYSLA Referee certification form for me.
- If you are new to the referee program or did not referee during last Fall's or Spring season, there are THREE payroll forms for you to complete. Get them here> Employment Eligibility Verification, Illinois State w-4, Federal w-4.  Additionally, at the mandatory meeting you will need to provide specific forms of identification.  Either a passport OR your birth certificate and driver's license/school ID/social security card.

-Questions? Contact [email protected]

The Lincolnshire Sports Association (LSA) Referee and Umpire program allows teenagers who live in District 103 the opportunity to be employed by LSA and to referee and umpire for Recreational league and travel games.  You must be at least 13 years old to participate and must attend mandatory training clinics. Once hired, you are assigned games to referee and umpire and depending on the sport, assist in the development of the players on the playing field. You control the game and learn leadership and responsibility. This is a great first job and the hours can work around your existing activities.

Philosophy of Program

To present an opportunity for District 103 kids who have advanced beyond the age group of LSA sports to be involved as referees and umpires. To give the kids the opportunity to have their first job, learn real job skills and lessons while being responsible and learning to be leaders. To take the program full circle, first we teach our kids to play, then we teach our kids to referee and umpire, ultimately they can go on to coach.

Age Requirements

You must be at least 13 years old by the first day of games for the sport you will be refereeing or umpiring. You may attend the training clinics before you are 13 as long as you turn 13 before the season begins. If you are age 13, 14 or 15, you will be required to obtain a work permit from your school. This is discussed at the clinic and the information needed to obtain the permit is distributed at the clinic.

Annual Requirements

Each year, training clinics are held for Soccer to hire Level 1 referees and umpires.  We target an approximate number of Level 1 kids for each sport. If excessive numbers of kids show up for the clinic, the clinic becomes a training and try-out. Level 1 referees or umpires will then be selected based on performance at the clinic.  Once you are a referee or umpire for a particular sport in LSA, you advance to the next level each year at the discretion of the Director.  Generally, advancement requires you to have done a minimum of 5 games as a leveled referee or umpire and to have shown the Director of the program that you have gained a level of experience that allows you to advance.

There are 4 levels of referees and umpires. If you start working in 8th grade, you should attain Level 4 during your Junior year in High School.  You would then remain at Level 4 for your Senior year and also if you continue to do games during your college years.  As you advance in levels, you become eligible to referee or umpire more advance grades of games.  You also take on a leadership role at the game when there are younger referees or umpires working with you.


Uniforms are required for referees and umpires and will be discussed at the clinics.

Contact Information

For information on soccer referee opportunities, contact Gina [email protected]

Further Certification

Soccer is the only sport allowing certification under the age of 18.  Go to - on the left-hand side click on referee under the programs listing.  Then scroll down and click on referee clinics.  If you have never been certified before, you are looking for a Clinic Type of either Entry Only or Entry/Recertification for a Grade 8 Referee.  These clinics are a full weekend long, all day Saturday and all day Sunday and cost approximately $75.  Being certified by the IYSA allows the referee to be eligible for a higher pay rate as well as to be a linesman for Travel Soccer games.